What is Optimal
Risk Sizing?

Optimal Risk Sizing (ORS) links Investors to Portfolio Managers and solves the ‘Principal-Agent’ problem. This link gives Investors better control over their money and Fund Managers better client contact and understanding. ORS allows Fund Managers to offer a differentiated product to the Investor base and has already been used successfully to raise AUM in a competitive bid. As usage increases, the analytics will identify similar-minded Investors and Managers who can link up in risk-equivalent communities.
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ORS is a disruptive technology

It alters the process of investing in three ways:

Why optimal risk sizing?

Sherpa Funds Technology (SFT) is a Singapore based Company that provides game-changing
technology to Investors, Fund Managers and Traders

SFT’s Optimal Risk Sizing (ORS) technology improves the relationship between Investors and their Brokers. ORS combines an Investor’s risk preferences and Asset Choices with a Broker’s product offerings to create return streams that match the Investor’s long term goals.
This technology addresses the ‘Sustainability’ problem in having Client Accounts: it calculates the amount of risk that can be taken by ANY INVESTOR to give the best chance of that Investor remaining active and have return streams that match the Investor’s risk profile.
SFT’s interactive system allows Investors to express their long-term goals and then to act on product recommendations whilst staying within suitability criteria.
ORS increases AUM by improving communications with the Investor, and reduces reputational risk by sizing product recommendations correctly. ORS creates a Framework for better understanding the Investors whole portfolio, and a route the Broker can take to gather this information .
ORS Technology has been used by discretionary Asset Managers to raise incremental AUM and to convert Portfolio Managers’ risk-asset decisions into return streams that match Investors’ goals.


We are pleased to publish these papers that outline the Sherpa Funds Technology way of thinking.
These publications come from talks and conferences where we have explained our philosophy and the practical way
that we implement the mathematics that underlies our technology.

About Sherpa Funds Technology

Sherpa Funds Technology (SFT) is owned and managed by Richard Waddington, who has 20 years experience in
Financial Markets as a Trader, Technology Entrepreneur and Business Head with Major Investment Banks.